Sunday, July 11, 2010


This week was India and I have to be honest-- I cheated a little. You see, I really, really hate the smell of Indian food, and didn't want my house to smell like curry all week. So, World Market helped me out a little. They had these wonderful pre-made Indian dishes that were just enough to sample-- without the leftover smell.
We had:
Dal Makhani-- kidney and lentil beans in sauce (courtesy of World Market!)
Baigan Bharta- funky eggplant salsa- like mixture (courtesy of World Market!)
Tandori Fish- on the grill so the smell was confined outside.

Naan Bread- very yummy chewy grilled garlic bread- I would make it again.

For Dessert- Coconut Barfi-- Yeah Barfi, that's what I thought too, but it was really good- like chewy coconut candy!
Andrew helping make the Coconut Barfi.

And to top it off, my house still smells good. Well, as good as a monkey cage can smell that is! 

Next week- Germany!

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