Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just the Money

At Costco last night-- with all three kids. I sent Andrew up by himself to get some ice cream. He was hesitant, but I reassured him that the cashier would tell him exactly how much money he needed to give her.

I sat back, thinking how cute and little he looked up there counting out his money for ice cream...and I thought to myself, as the lady handed him the cup, "He must be so proud and excited to do it by himself.!"

Then he turned around, big grin on his face, and instantly I saw the light flicker on in his eyes.

"All this time I thought I needed Mom, when really, all I needed was her money! This is Awesome!"

I lament. What have I done?

1 comment:

AMiller said...

My kids already ask me, "So, Mom, when are you gonna pay my allowance. It is late already." They figure it out so young.