Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Ethan has learned that words can be great manipulators, and he is becoming very adept at using his new found skill. He likes to tell me "Be patient Mom, just learn to be patient with me."-- which causes Mom to open mouth and insert foot where she had already premeditated a yelling tirade.

Then yesterday as Andrew was struggling to take something away from him he yelled out, "That is not how Jesus would treat his brother!" This of course got my attention in the other room, and Andrew was made to look like the only one causing the problem.

This morning I got another line about being good so I can go see Jesus when I die. I will have to learn my way around this new form of manipulation. I am no longer fazed by the fits and crybaby fests I get from Andrew and Ava, but I must admit, I am sometimes left with my mouth open at Ethan's maneuverings.


AMiller said...

Oh - that sounds fun. Maybe he could travel around as a guest lecturer teaching kids how to raise their parents. Ha ha.

The Bertagnoles said...

Thats hillarious! Kids always have to keep us guessing! Youre such a cute mom!