Friday, June 8, 2012


A bedtime conversation at our house.

Mom: Ava, don't pick your nose.

Andrew and Ethan:-- snicker at Ava--Ava begins to cry.

Mom: Leave her alone boys, it's not like we don't have to ask you all the time to stop picking your nose.

Andrew and Ethan-- begin to argue about whether or not they pick their nose.

Dad: Okay fine, everyone picks their nose, just don't eat it.

Mom: Just don't pick it in public and don't eat it ever--that's really disgusting.

Andrew: Everyone eats their boogers.

Mom: Yes, I'm sure everyone has when they were a little kid.

Andrew: No, everyone does it all the time  (makes the gesture of sucking up snot and swallowing)

Mom: okay, I guess if you want to call that eating boogers.

Andrew: Yeah, and I like the way it tastes. It's sour and I like it!

Mom and Dad look at each other-- uuuummmmmmm.... yeah. 

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