Friday, June 1, 2012

An update on Everyone

I want to blog so many things that happen in our crazy little big family, but I only have two hands...and two babies...and three other kids...and a husband....and mounds of laundry and dishes--so my blogging gets put to the side like so many other things.

Forgive me for not sharing many funny exchanges, or beautiful, tear inducing soliloquies, but my shoddy updates will have to do--at least until the twins can hold themselves on my boobs!! (sorry-- it is what it is!)

Soccer season is over now and we are glad for a little break! He had to play the last 3 games of the season very sick and wasn't quite on his game, but he wanted to finish. He will be trying out for a select traveling team in June-- we'll see if he makes it--and if he does, let's hope they don't travel too far--I'm tired of being a taxi already!

Baseball is now finished too. Ethan has really enjoyed it, and I must say, the more I learn as he plays, the more I enjoy watching the game. Mostly I just like watching him play and get excited about the whole thing. When he played soccer, ( at 4 years old) he just walked behind the crowd of kids, totally disinterested in the ball. We're glad he found a sport he loves! (at least for now!)

Ava recently passed (with flying colors) a scope for chicken and bananas! Soooo nice to have those two things in her diet now. As of today, she is also trialing Soy! Her doctor is very pleased with her progress and so we are moving right along now! Also, for the first time in 2 years Ava is being taken off her LABA medication and being put back on just a low dose inhaled steroid for her asthma. Her doctor said we were going to be brave and it might not work, but we would try anyway since her asthma has been well controlled. Last winter she was on the highest dose of LABA meds available, and the drugs aren't even approved for anyone under the age of 12. Sadly, if it works, it will only be for a couple of months before she will likely have to go back on the LABA meds for fall, but any break in the medication is a good thing and I'm excited to see progress in the right direction!

Allison and Katlyn:
The twins turned 2 months on Monday--I can't believe they are already that old. We just love them to pieces and are enjoying seeing their little personalities coming out--they are both so different! They had their two month check-up today and for their baby books (which I may never have the time to get to)--here are their stats.
 Always happiest together!

7lbs. 4 oz.
length-20.5 in.
head circ.- 14.25in.
Allie playing with Dad!
6lbs. 4 oz.
length- 20.5 in.
head circ.- 14.25 in.
 Katlyn didn't want to play the smile game with Dad!
She's a deep thinking, more contemplative child than her sister!

I find it funny that their head and height are exactly the same and they are exactly a pound difference in weight. They are still little peanuts, but seem to be growing at a steady (albeit slow) pace. We still have a few preemie outfits that fit, but for the most part, they are finally wearing newborn clothes.

Colonel Mustard:
He is tired, over-worked, under-paid, burnt out, neglected, and a host of other less desirable afflictions! Our yard is the bane of his existence--as my current duties in the house don't allow me any time outside except for the garden, which I can barely keep up. Me thinks he will survive and I'm grateful he's being such a good sport! Don't tell him I said this, but I think he's secretly whipped by the two new girls in the house--now I'm feeling neglected!
Snuggling with his girls.

I am still very un-glamourous. I rarely shower before noon. I try to exercise often, but it is usually interrupted by someone crying or someone fighting, or someone complaining that Mom thinks she can do something besides be a Mom! I got a wonderful Mother's day present--two new charms to complete my mother's necklace.-  I love it! I need a personal trainer, a lock to keep my voracious appetite out of the kitchen, a Nanny, and a haircut so I can look and feel like me again--but I'm guessing that is never going to happen, so I'm trying to love me as I am. Since I'm feeling so fat and frumpy, I'll take any compliment I can get. Today a lady making conversation about my family commented I looked so good after twins. I thanked her--and I'm sincerely grateful for those comments since I want to cry when I look in the mirror. When she found out I had five children she said, "How do you look so good? What's your secret?" I told her, "I have 5 children!"  Bless her heart for lying to me-- she made my day!

How I wish I appeared....
 Closer to my reality...with a few more kids!

And that's it--If you read all that and are not asleep-bless you!

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Tiar Hatley said...

Holy Cow! Can I copy and paste your update on yourself. Jon and I don't have twins but getting ready to have our seventh kid is kicking my butt. The only excercise I get is squats, every time I go to sit down someone yells "Mom!!!" Getting outside is so difficult to do any work. Now that the older kids are out of school maybe they can's to hoping! Good luck to you and your fam, you guys are awesome! And I always enjoy your posts!