Sunday, November 9, 2014


Ethan turned nine today--his last year in the single digits. (sniff, sniff) I'm telling you--I don't care what anyone says-- every year goes by so much faster than the last--it's sad.

My favorite little story about Ethan this year:

Before we left Ohio, a member of the Primary Presidency said that she would really miss my kids--especially Ethan. She said--I don't know what it is about him, but he has such a glow. When he walks in the room it's almost like the room lights up!

Not to discount the wonderfulness of my other kids--they are wonderful as well but I thought two things when she said that.

1. I was flattered that Ethan has made that impression on her.
2. I wasn't really surprised.

It's true. One of Ethan's talent's is his ability to bring peace and joy into a room just by being there. His love and concern for other people truly shines through his eyes. I certainly hope the he can begin to recognize this gift as he gets older. His influence for good can be far reaching if he will only believe in himself.

On to the Birthday festivities.

Ethan asked for a shark cake for his Birthday.

Giving the shark a taste of his own medicine.

Spanking line!

The opening of the gifts! 

Happy Birthday to our favorite nine year old! I love that you're a slow grower. Please stay that way so I can have little Ethan for just a while longer. 

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