Thursday, December 4, 2014

Deep Thoughts.

Today I  have been loved on multiple  occasions
"I hate you. "
"You're  the  worst Mom ever."
"I get made fun of because of you. "
"I don't  see  how  anybody likes you."
"I don't like  you. "
"You're  so mean."
"I don't care what you want-- I  don't care about  you. "

And to top it off, Colonel Mustard  locked me out of my room tonight. I had to share my toothbrush with one of my haters. And this floor in my girls' room is less than forgiving  on my overly tired body.

Some days I  wonder why I  don't  just walk away  from it all.

Oh, I  forgot--they'll  all want breakfast ready at 6am and they'll  have forgotten  all about  what the said to me today. Who will do it if I'm  not there???

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