Monday, December 15, 2008

Not our finest moment

This weekend got me to thinking about the many milestones we reach in the wonderful club of parenthood. There are births, first baths, first steps, first words, first days of schools, etc., etc. I could go on all day long and my oldest child is only five.

Then there are those moments as parents we'd rather not relive. If you have kids, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you don't, stop grossing out- it WILL happen to you and will be horrified and amused when it does!

Let's relive a few examples in my short tenure as a parent.
- First spit-up on the unsuspecting baby admirer.
- First diaper blow-out all over your Sunday clothes and you can't run home and change.
- First potty training accident in the carset, on the couch, on the carpet, at someone else's house, and of course in the middle of Walmart.
- First rude and embarasing comment to a complete stranger.
- First time your child cuts loose in the middle of sacrament.
- And I'm sure I could go on for days- those of you with more experience could put me to shame I'm sure.

Well, we get to add a new one to our list. Friday night we went to an Elder's Quorun party at a friend's house. We had been there about 30-45 mins. and were having a good old time. I was getting in some much needed socializing and Byron was just starting a game with the guys on the Wii. Just then Ethan comes up to me crying. I kneel down to hear what he is saying when I see that dreaded look on his face. Yep! If you're a parent, you know that look. The I'm gonna hurl right here, right now, and there's nothing you can do but clean up the mess look! And that's exactly what he did. Giant, splattery, and cheeto filled all over the floor. It was so charming!

After the terrible embarrassement and feeling awful that our kid might get everyone sick, I found myself very thankful for a few important things.

1) Hardwood floors!- a blessing beyond imagining!
2) A room full of friends with disgusting kids of their own.
3) a party hostess who graciously helped me clean up and blew it off like no big deal (Thank you Angela)
4) That kids can just thow-up without passing the flu to everyone else. ( Yes, he was just fine after we went home and jumping off the walls the next morning!
5) That parental gift of unconditional love - no matter what!

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Jaime said...

Hey, I am definitely a member of the that club! Don't even think twice about it! I enjoyed visiting that night, too. I remember Madelyn (during potty training) pulling down her pants/panties and squatting to pee in the middle of the aisle at Food Lion before I could even scream NO!!