Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Colonel Mustard's Creations

Well, I'm a little late posting, but I wanted to share some of Colonel Mustard's creations this past week.

Don't be too jealous now ladies, but I had dinner cooked for me on Valentine's....and it really tasted good....and no- it wasn't macaroni and cheese! It was baked Cornish Hens stuffed with mushrooms and wild rice and asparagus-- Mmmmmm...... take a look at that!

And for dessert- Strawberry shortcake! It was quite beautiful I must say-- I was very impressed. So was my stomach because now my pants don't fit anymore... not even the fat pants. Oh well, it isn't everyday I have dinner cooked for me, but pants do come in bigger sizes!

And now for a less impressive creation of Colonel Mustard's-- "Snow Woman"  He told me my snow person had child bearing hips, and he thought we ought to put the oranges to good use, lest anyone confuse her for a snowMAN. Classy, I know. Would you expect anything less from us??


AMiller said...

Look at those snow hips! What are you doing with snow anyway?

The Bertagnoles said...

LOVE the snowWOMAN!!! HILLARIOUS! :) How fun to have dinner cooked for you! No worries, my pants don't fit right now either, and its not just due to ONE meal... its LOTS of them! Sad days, but thankfully I have jeans in all sorts of sizes so I can play it off until I stop indulging and acutally fit into my REAL jeans again. ;) Heres to wearing bigger pants for a while!!!

Jessica said...

Laughing. . . allot!
I think that Byron and John could be friends. Last week on our Sunday walk we passed a large saguaro cactus that had two little knobs on it. John turned to me and said "Jess, that is a woman cactus." I'll let you guess what he was referring to.