Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My prediction

I wanted to beat the news and make a prediction before it happens. 

I predict that Punxsutawney(yeah, I had to spell check that one) Phil will stick his nose out of his hole, turn right back around, and say, "Junk this! I ain't goin' out in that nastiness!"

And thus, we will be stuck with 6 more weeks of rainy, snowless, frigid, bleh...winter. No offense to winter-it has its perks. But when there's no snow and every single weekend is an icy cold rain... it leaves something to be desired.

On the upside, at least I have a winter Birthday! 
Never mind, I just remembered I'm going to turn 30... I'm crawling back in the hole with Phil!

1 comment:

spa said...

Having enjoyed childhood in the wonderful snowy winters of Utah, I'm with you on the worth of winter in the eastern U.S. namely Pennsylvania. A couple of snow storms and a whole lot of cold rainy weather isn't worth the effort.