Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reverse Psychology

Colonel Mustard left me again--for the browner pastures of Arizona. And while it is not his choice to do so every year, I still don't much like him today.

Since I'd really like to welcome him back with open arms this weekend, I thought I'd try a little reverse psychology to convince myself I'm not really missing anything worth missing.

The truth is, I hate Arizona. I hate that it's sunny all the time. I hate that you can see for miles and miles. I hate the wide straight roads. I hate swimming pools at every house. And I especially hate the people there!

I haven't been back in 5 years, but I'm sure I'm not missing anything. I won't miss seeing Rod and Jazz..or playing games with them. I won't miss the Andersons- they're just my adopted family anyway. I won't miss seeing my niece and her family (though John must be pretty entertaining considering my brother didn't threaten his life for asking to join the family....or did he??) I won't miss seeing Jared and meeting Faith- after all, they are sickeningly cute newlyweds- you know the kind that make you throw up a little in your mouth??. I won't miss the Baileys (or their pool and naked streaking children- do they still do that?) or any of our other old friends and neighbors from Mesa.

Because really---I don't like any of them anymore. I mean Georgia is sooooo much better, why would I want to waste my time in Arizona anyway??

We'll still be here when you get home honey....though I'm not so certain about your last paycheck- we may have to utilize it for our "We Got Left Home" family fun fund!


AMiller said...

When Tim went to Singapore the kids and I ate out a lot and went and did tons of fun stuff. Totally deserved - use that money.

Jazz and Rod said...

u are good at everything you do my friend...but frankly, you suck at lying. :~)


spa said...

Amen, to that part about the newlyweds making you want to throw up in your mouth.

Jared and Faith Peacock said...

Thanks for saying we sickingly cute. I called Jared at work to tell him you said that and he thought it was hilarious! hahaha.I am really sad I haven't even met you yet but I love telling people about my sister in law in Georgia and I feel like I kinda know you. thanks for brightening up our day with mentioning us.