Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Loss for Words

I have nothing to say. No thoughts whatsoever. But....I think ya'll are bored with my last post now,'s some random pictures to fill the void in your life that almost certainly exists when I don't post on this here famous blog with 3 readers. (Me, my husband, and apparently you!)

So in no particular order, and for no particular reason, here are my random picture thoughts.

"Brotherly Love"

"Wanna Be Gangsters"

"Naked Oatmeal"

"No comment"

"Puppy Love"

"Shroomin' "

"Slidin' Fun"

"One of the Boys"

P.S.- I really need photography lessons.

1 comment:

The Bertagnoles said...

Im with you on the photography lessons! ;) LOVE the naked oatmeal picture because thats Kaiden every morning, noon, and night!! I don't even censor the pictures any more because hes ALWAYS naked. Maybe thats not a good! Anyways, glad someone else has naked kids too! :)