Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chair Violation

The setting
Me- sitting at the computer, printing coupons
Andrew- sitting 10 feet away, at the kitchen table reading his homework.

The incident
We sit in silence listening to the hum of the printer, on it's last page of the 5000 coupons I've tried to eek out out of a single ink cartridge. Suddenly, the silent hum is broken by a very loud, very irreverent, barking spider-- or chair violation as I refer to it. I turn to look behind me at the little imp in the chair. Wide eyed, he looks back in a shocked smile and declares,
"That wasn't me- that was the printer!"

The Moral
A mother is never so proud as when her son has learned the fine art of blaming inanimate objects for his bodily functions. He just wouldn't grow up to be a proper man if he didn't!


AMiller said...

You are raising those boys right! Ha ha ha. Although I always shake my head and pretend disgust.

Bobbi said...

Ha Ha! That is too funny!