Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bad parenting

I think this could possibly be the title of every post I write...especially those posts as of late. While I'm sure there are those that judge me harshly for my failures, I do hope that some of you recognize I am trying...and can laugh with me at the incriminating things my kids do and say!
So without further ado....the conversation that took place upon leaving the parking lot at church today. (Thank heaven we were in the car leaving church before it happened.)

Andrew: Mom, Ethan is in his car seat without his seat belt on.
Ethan: No I emnent. (that's Ethan redneck speak for -- no I am not)
Andrew: Yes you are.
Ethan: You Dumb***
Andrew: Mom, Ethan just called me a Dumb***
Mom: Andrew, don't repeat it. Ethan, we don't ever say that word. Do you understand? (covering my face and trying to stifle my laughter-- I promise I did not teach him this one and don't know where he got it!)
Grandma Dixie: (she's visiting us this week- great timing kids) What did he say?
Mom: Where did you hear that Ethan?
Ethan: (giggles)
Grandma: What did he say?
Andrew: he called me a Dumb***.
Mom: Andrew, I said don't repeat that word. I'd better never hear it again, you understand me?
Grandma: (turning to me again) I didn't hear, what did he say that was so bad?
Andrew: D-U-M-B-.......
Mom: Andrew! spelling is not acceptable either!
Andrew: Well, that's what Ethan called me.
Mom: enough!-- We're going home and filling both your mouths with soap--the liquid kind that tastes really bad.
Andrew: Hey Ethan, want to play the quiet game and when we get home I'll see who wins?


Please don't stop reading yet.....for I am not as bad of a mother as I had thought!

In my writing of this post I dared accuse Colonel Mustard of teaching the offensive word...he vehemently denied it, and came in a few minutes ago with the answer..... THE SCRIPTURES!

You see, Andrew always reads, and a few weeks ago he read this scripture:
"...and exercise authority over them; and began to put heavy burdens upon their backs, and drive them as they would a dumb***."

Now who here really thinks this went unchecked by a six year old? I remember it....very clearly. It was a giggle fest, and two boys now feel justified! Hey, it was in the scriptures right???

Wow, I feel so much better. Next time they say it, I won't even flinch. I'll just blame it on a dead prophet, and my great parenting skills that lead them to the reading of such high quality material!

Phewh...... off the hook... this time.


Jaime said...

they are so smart! those boys are hilarious!

Hulse Family said...

I read this to my parents and we were all laughing our head off. It was so funny and I can totally see my two boys doing this exact same thing.