Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Morning

Every Monday when I get up, I vow to do a better job this week.

- I will eat healthier
-I will keep the house cleaner.
- I will not yell at my kids.
-I will not forget to read scriptures.
- I will exercise better.
- I will read to my kids more.
- I will be more patient.
- I will not get behind on the laundry.
- I will keep up on the yardwork.
- I will etc., etc., etc.

I do this every Monday and by Sunday evening, I feel like a miserable failure. So this morning at 3:55am, I woke up and began my weekly ritual of bombarding my brain with to do lists and not to do lists, praying for help that I could actually accomplish some of these things, and giving myself a pep talk about how this week will be different...better than last week. was so overwhelming and exhausting that I ate a brownie and went back to bed.

Better luck next week!


AMiller said...

Always next week. Ha ha ha. I vowed to clean my house today. It is 10 am and I haven't done anything, yet. Maybe it will get done.

Jaime said...

remember our talk - "embrace each day and enjoy the moment"!!