Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Andrew turned seven today, but before he turned seven, he had to do some last minute maneuvering while he was still six. He can only play Wii on the weekend at our house. Yesterday he came to me with puppy dog eyes.

"Mom, can I just ask you a question about me?"

"Sure buddy, what's up!" (me thinking he had some deep desire for details on his earthly sojourn)

"Well, today is my last day of being six, and I was wondering if you would let me play Wii one last time while I'm still six?"

Yes, I let him--cause I'm a pushover, and it was definitely a creative ploy!  And then I cried after we said family prayers that night,  and I had to hug him one last time while he was a six year old-- because I'm sappy like that.

It's crazy to think next year he will be baptized.

And since I'm sure you're dying to know about that Tornado cake.....absolute nightmare! You try defying gravity with a cake. It's not an easy task. I got 2 hours of sleep last night. I went to bed praying that I had done a good enough job and it would still be standing today. Thankfully, it was. And Andrew's big eyes and reply of, "That's Awesome!" made it all worth it.
 (Hard to see detail, but it's about to hit a barn, and that is an airplane sticking out of the top--colonel Mustard's idea! Speaking of which, this cake would not have been possible without his helpful engineering and shoulder to cry on)

I won't ruin his birthday, I'll wait until tomorrow to inform him that I will be making his birthday cake selections from now on....and they'll be in the form of a square...a flat one....lying down on the cake board!

Happy Birthday Andrew! We love you and are so grateful you picked us to be your family. ( And we wish you would stop growing, cause it's got to be embarrassing to make your Mom cry so much....and we can't afford your shoes!)


AMiller said...

My goodness. That cake is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! I am truly impressed. You should write a cake book for kids birthdays - awesome! Good thing my kids can't read your blog or they wouldn't be happy with the circle cake with sprinkles on it that they get.

Tiar Hatley said...

I am in awe of the cakes you have done for birthdays this year. You are brave!!

Brenda said...

When you said you were making a tornado cake, I looked it up on google to see if it had been done before. It had, but NONE of the cakes were nearly so impressive as yours - even the one done by a bakery for a wedding. You are so clever!

Jessica said...

Ah I only have one thing to say. . . WOW! Amazing cake! Andrew is one lucky kiddo to have a mommy willing to go to such lengths. (Ethan got cupcakes with sprinkles. Lame, yes. . . but it's the best I can do.)

Bobbi said...

You really did a great job on the cake. . and I don't believe that you would REALLY want a flat square cake to do!! You are much too talented :) Jane asked me what is was, and I said a tornado cake! She said "mom you should make something like for us, I LOVE IT! What is a tornado?" Hahaha!

Jaime said...

wow!!! AMAZ-ING!!