Friday, August 13, 2010

What the Heck?

Andrew's Birthday is Wednesday. I know, I've hardly recovered from the last birthday. I'm still mad at the doctor for that. I begged for a July Birthday--he wouldn't comply. "She's just too little. I would hate to deliver her at 38 weeks and have her end up in NICU." Thanks Doc! I had her two weeks later and she still ended up there....and now I'm stuck with two birthdays 10 days apart!

Anyway....Andrew has picked his birthday cake of choice. I do not know if he wishes to torture me, see me fail miserably in my attempt, or if he just wants to have the most whacked out birthday cake ever! He wants a Tornado cake!

Yeah, my first thought was, "what the heck?"  My second...."How the heck?" Okay, that wasn't my word of choice, but I'm trying to keep it rated G here.

He is obsessed with natural disasters. You may recall last year's cake.  It has been one of my all time favorites, but I just don't think a tornado can have the same effect.

I thought about making a sheet cake, and then proceed to get a hammer and take out all my frustration. I would caption it..."Happy 7th Birthday Andrew....A tornado was here!" Me thinks he won't go for it....and we all know I'm not going to cop out that easy.

So be thinking of me this week. And praying for my sanity. Worst case scenario I end up on Cake Wrecks, and I'll be infamous for the worst attempt ever at a tornado cake!

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