Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Their Future

Do you stop very often to ponder the future of the next generation? I do, and quite a lot lately--everyday I read the headlines, or hear the news on the way to school. Sometimes I think we work feverishly to provide a future for our children that may never come to pass.

Will they live in a world or country that even somewhat resembles what we have enjoyed? I'm not trying to be a doomsdayer, or predict the end of time, but I believe it is a reality that we must prepare for. I sometimes look at my children and see in them so much strength and ambition, and faith. Do you think this is an accident? Do you see the same in your children? I'm guessing you do. It is no coincidence.

Will they be asked to be stripling warriors? Go without the basic necessities of life? Be a missionary to the masses who will persecute their faith? I hope that none of this is required of my children, but what kind of mother would I be if I did not prepare them for this very real possibility?

And exactly how do I prepare them for such possibilities? How can anyone be prepared to live a life of turmoil or hardship?  I can't say that I know, but lately I have had one very strong impression when it comes to teaching my children. "They cannot be fence-sitters." We live in a world of fence-sitters. We want to keep everyone happy, and not offend, or make judgments, and in so doing I believe we begin to sit dangerously close to the edge of the wrong side of the fence. Our children CANNOT be fence-sitters. They must go forward with faith and courage, and stand on the Lord's side or they will never be prepared or protected from anything.

So am I doing my job? Am I as a mother preparing them for whatever future is in store for them? I'd like to think I'm trying my hardest. At least the responsibility is a constant thought in my mind, and weight on my heart. I hope if ever I am asked to watch my children endure terrible hardship, I can experience what the mothers of the stripling warriors did, knowing I taught them well and that the Lord would bless them. At least, this is what I strive for each and every day.


Jaime said...

wow, I am so uplifted by this post!! thank you! I need to hear this, I totally agree! it makes the hard part of raising kids worthwhile, when you feel such a strong sense of purpose. great post!

AMiller said...

Purpose. Thanks for reminding me that there is a purpose to all the time I spend trying to teach my kids to work and share and try hard. I do so want them to be wonderful adults that are able to handle anything.