Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bad Week

I have a cold.

I shattered my phone.

Ava has had an allergic reaction everyday this week.

Ava has had asthma attacks every night--in the middle of the night.

Andrew can't shut his pie-hole at school.

The car trunk fell on my head.

I banged my head on the car door.

I banged my head on the microwave door.

(insert shattered phone here)

I have a new hairstyle thanks to the three new bumps on my head.

I have a constant headache--thanks to the cold, the bumps, and Ava.

I can't understand my 5 year old if he says a word out of context. 

My red neck neighbor understands my 5 year old just fine.

My house is dirty.

"Good Morning Honey." and "Good Night Babe." has been the extent of conversation with my husband.

They were out of everything on sale when I went to the store today.
(what's the point of having something on sale if you can't keep it in stock?)

I have a cold sore.

I have a list of 10 important things I need to buy. The list is in my head--I can't find it anymore--imagine that.

It's only Wednesday.

I'm so excited to see what Thursday and Friday bring! I think I'll jump for joy in anticipation.

Or not......I'd probably hit my head again.

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AMiller said...

Oh, I totally feel for you. And Ouch on the car doors - I HATE that.
I am channelling good thoughts for you.
You are amazing - your kids are wonderful - this too shall pass (but who knows when) - you can do this - it will be better - you are loved - hmmmmm

Did that help?