Friday, February 4, 2011


Who doesn't like carrots? They are sweet, crunchy, good raw, good cooked, and usually the vegetable of choice for all beings under the age of 10.

Who couldn't like them? (Ethan raises his hand.)

I don't know how, but the kid really can't stand carrots. Everyday, I put vegetables in his lunch. And everyday, two of those vegetables are baby carrots. And everyday, that baggie comes home with two baby carrots. He opens his lunchbox, pulls out the bag and says, "Mom. I need some vegetable dip for my carrots."

He dutifully sits down at the counter and begins consuming his despised carrots. 15 minutes, and a half of container of ranch dip later only a nub of carrot remains on the counter. And we do it all again the next day.

Now I'm a big believer in the rule that you have to feed a baby a food 10 times before they may begin to like it. So...I figure the same logic should apply with kids. If I keep putting them in his lunch, he'll eventually learn to like carrots.

School started 6 months ago. He is still bringing home the carrots. So this morning I devised a plan. I needed to make the kids' morning juice before Ethan got out of the shower. As I filled up the blender, I threw in a good handful of baby carrots. "Ha ha!" I said to myself. "Let's see if he'll eat them now!"

And eat them he did. Sucked them down with nary a thought that Mom might have snuck one of those nasty little suckers in there. And while he drank, my smile grew bigger and bigger. Finally, he consumes carrots without the gag reflex.

I was so proud! And just now, he arrived home from school, dropped his bag on the floor, brought me his "happy note," and threw two baby carrots on the counter. Me thinks I'll do him a favor and eat them myself!

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AMiller said...

Nice idea! I should try it. My kids used to love them (with ranch of course), but now they don't touch them. It is probably better than making carrot cookies.