Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Yes, when you get old, you have to wish yourself a Happy Birthday. It's better than screaming to the world, "Hey! I haven't kicked the bucket yet--- I'm still here!"

So for my Birthday today, I got lots of wonderful things.

I got 3 hours of sleep.
Ethan woke up at 3 am crying--and never went back to sleep.
Ava woke up at 5 am crying--and never went back to sleep.
Colonel Mustard was sleeping peacefully in Arizona.
Ethan had an ear infection and cried non-stop from 6am- 9:45 am when we finally got enough drugs in him.
Ava cried for almost the same amount of time--she didn't have a reason.
Ava is sitting on the floor crying....again.
My great friends brought me brownies. I ate 4. the night is young--I may polish them off.
Ethan's fever spiked after his 4 hour nap and his eardrum perforated. (Poor kid)
I did laundry.
I baked cookies.
I called a bunch of people who don't like to pay their bills...they didn't pay me either.
I prepped sharing time, worked on a paper for Colonel Mustard, cleaned the kitchen, and ate frozen pizza.
My mother called and forgot it was my birthday.
She called back a couple hours later and pretended that she didn't really forget. (She was just traumatized by the memory of pushing me from her womb 31 years later.-- love you Mom!)

I think I'll party tomorrow, cause today just kind of sucked and I'm too old to waste yet another Birthday!

And for your viewing pleasure.....

Here is me 28 1/2 years ago.

Okay, so it's really Ava, but she's wearing the dress my Mommy made me-- and you'd rather see a picture of her than a picture of wrinkly old me.

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