Tuesday, May 24, 2011


What good is being a mother if you can't brag once in a while? I do try to keep my bragging to a minimum. For instance, Ava informed me tonight, "Mom, I can wipe my own butt!" Definitely brag worthy material, but I wouldn't have shared it with you had I not already been on here bragging about something else. So here goes.

Tonight was Andrew's last soccer game of the season (Hallelujah!). It was the last game of the tournament and they won....again! Very exciting for our little team of pipsqueaks! They finished the season undefeated and with only 3 goals scored against them the entire season. True, this isn't world cup soccer, but we have to get excited, cause you never know if that will ever happen again! Go Bulldogs!! (I have no voice left from screaming at the game.)

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