Friday, July 8, 2011

Missed Opportunity

I lament that sometimes the mundane responsibilities in life cause us to miss some great opportunities. Today was a  greatly missed opportunity for me.

I am a big nerd. I can admit it. I am fascinated by weather. I love nature documentaries. And I've secretly always wanted to be an astronaut. Last year when the final flight plans were made for the fleet of shuttles, I determined to take my kids to see it. We are, after all, only 7 hours away- how could I miss this chance?

We aimed for the last flight of Atlantis since is was scheduled for June (later delayed to July). Then life somehow got in the way and the odds began to stack up against me. At the last minute, I still tried to eek out the possibility--we would drive all night and arrive in the wee hours this morning and witness the historic event. But...the weather forecast was 70% against us and we took our chances that the flight would be delayed at least until Saturday. Unfortunately, the planets lined up against me and the clouds parted in Florida just before 11am--and we watched the shuttle take of from the NASA channel at my neighbor's house.

Sad that I cried about this, but I REALLY wanted to be there one time to see this spectacular event. It marks the end of an era and the closing of a chapter that made America great.

I have decided today that great rewards do not come to those who fulfill the mundane responsibilities of life. In return for their dedication to the unimportant, they receive missed opportunities, over and over again.  So if you should receive a postcard from Australia with my new address, you'll know that I finally gave up being so responsible and learned to really live!

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Janelle said...

So guess who REALLY was there? Bob and Scott!!! Seeing a shuttle launch was also one of Bob's dreams, so Scott talked him into it. I don't think it took too much arm twisting.