Sunday, July 17, 2011


Better late than never- this week we did Thailand. And Mom is lazy and tired and overwhelmed so she admits to taking the easy way out and doing the "all in one" dinner. Good idea- it was wonderful--and everyone liked it.

Pad Thai.

And even though chopsticks are not as readily used in Thailand as they are in other Asian countries, the kids felt the need to try them out. After another explanation from Mom (I am somewhat qualified- we grew up with Japanese exchange students that attempted to teach us how to use them properly), each had their own interpretation of how to use them.
 Ava does the "hold the sticks in one hand so I look like I'm using them and pick it up with my fingers" method.

Ethan Does the "one stick scoop" method.

And Andrew, in attempt to get the most food in his mouth at one time, does the "two stick scoop and slurp" method.

All charming (not!) to watch and we pulled out the spoons (traditional Thai utensil) for dessert.
Mango Sticky rice. I'm not a fan--too much like rice pudding I've never liked.-- but it's authentic and that's what counts!

Next week (If I don't get behind again)......Samoa...sounds like a pig roast to me!

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Faith Peacock said...

Hilarious names for all the techniques of holding their utensils.