Thursday, November 17, 2011

11 Years

I guess it's not a terribly noteworthy number, but still, it can't be passed by without mention. 11 years seems like a long time to be married, and yet it doesn't feel as though it's been that long.

Yes, we've put on a little weight, our hair has thinned a little (or a lot!), we've added some kids to the mix, and certainly gotten on one another's nerves more than once-- but I can honestly say, I'm just as smitten with him today as I was 11 years ago. And the nice thing about now vs. then-- he's seen me at my worst and still loved me, he's eaten my cooking for 11 years and still says thank you, and he still shares daily detailed descriptions of his bodily functions even when I've begged him not to!

This past year has definitely brought some unexpected challenges and developments and sometimes we look at one another and wonder, "How did we get here?" If I had the choice though, I don't think I'd change a thing-- if life came as planned, what fun would it be?

Since I'll be in bed long before he gets home tonight, I'd like to take the opportunity to say,-- Happy Anniversary Colonel Mustard! I love and appreciate you more than I could ever say.

Here's looking forward to our 12th anniversary-- maybe I'll be a worthwhile date next year and we can go out a celebrate!


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Bobbi said...

Ahh.. marriage! Happy 11 years! I can't imagine that he doesn't ALWAYS love your cooking :)