Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Ethan turned six today, and I guess six comes with an attitude-- cause he's had a bad one all afternoon! Now that's not very nice of me to say on his birthday, but it also wouldn't be fair of me to lie and say he's been just peachy all day- when in reality, he is in his room pouting as we speak!
BUT, attitude or not, we still love him and are so grateful to have him in our family. He is our creative child and it has been so fun to watch this last year. He can sit and color, or draw, or create with paper, glue, scissors, and crayons for hours. When trying to figure out whose artwork we are looking at we know if it's messy-- it belongs to Andrew, and if it looks like it should belong to Andrew-- it actually belongs to Ethan. (sorry Andrew- I'm being brutally honest today!) Ethan has told us he has to practice since he's going to be an illustrator when he grows up ( or as Colonel Mustard calls it-- illustrator, Aka: permanent resident of my basement) !!
We celebrated with the usual- balloons in his bedroom this morning, followed by birthday cake and presents-- and we have resigned ourselves to a little trip to Chucky Cheese on Saturday.

His "Hippo in the Tub" birthday cake-- a blue raspberry cake, per Ethan's request. Ethan would like me to clarify that even though Mom is fired for putting a pink shower cap on the Hippo, it IS definitely a BOY hippo, not a girl.

We celebrated at Dad's office, since no one gets home before 8 or 9pm tonight.

Happy Birthday to our sweet, special Ethan. We love you and hope that six is a super fun year for you!

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