Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weird things I do

Have you ever seen people post those lists of their weird habits and little strange things they do? Every time I read one I think to myself, "Well I must be pretty boring because I have no weird habits or strange things I do. I couldn't even begin to make a list." Please don't ask Colonel Mustard--I'm sure he could come up with a very long list, but then again, he's OCD, so I'm not sure his list would count as "Weird things I do" or just "Things I do that annoy his obsessive compulsive brain."

But this morning as I am sitting here eating my second breakfast for the day, I realized this little habit of mine may appear somewhat strange. I like to eat yogurt with one of those little rubber Gerber baby spoons. Why you ask? I have no earthly idea. I think it stemmed from once being out of clean spoons and grabbing a baby spoon cause it was there. Funny thing--we have no need for Gerber baby spoons in this house anymore, but I have never gotten rid of them for this express purpose--eating yogurt. It makes me happy! I don't know if the yogurt tastes better off a rubber spoon, or if I just like to chew on the rubber spoon while I'm eating yogurt. Either way, I don't much like eating yogurt without my little rubber spoon--now that is weird.

So, I hope you enjoyed that little weird tidbit about me--go on and continue shaking your head in amazement that I would devote 10 minutes of my day to recording it--that's weird too!

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Faith Peacock said...

Now all you need is a weird button for people to vote for.