Thursday, July 9, 2009

Public Service Announcement

You know those warnings on the shopping carts at the store? I always thought those were for idiots. Well...they're not--or maybe I AM an idiot.

A few months back the boys were hanging off the cart and tipped it over, with Ava in her car seat whom we fortunately, caught before she fell. Not my finest moment at Publix.

Today, I was at my idiocy again. Ava was strapped in the front, and like usual, she climbed out of the seatbelt. She was sitting down and Andrew was in the cart right behind her. I walked halfway down the isle to get something when Andrew called out, "Mom, Ava's falling out."

I flip around to see that her entire body has fallen through one of the leg holes and Andrew managed to catch her by the head. It was terrifying, but I grabbed her and she was no worse for the wear. Thanks heaven's for a good big brother who is very protective of his baby sister.

The Public service announcement??-- actually there are two.

1)The warnings on shopping carts are there for a reason
2) Kristin is one of those idiots.

So.....the solution to this series of unfortunate events?....leave the kids home with Colonel Mustard and go shopping by myself. Problem solved!


Brenda said...

A few years ago friend had her baby strapped into the cart seat when another child climbed onto the back of the cart. So much weight on the back end caused it to tip. The baby was holding onto the cart handle and a finger was amputated. Fortunately the doctors were able to reattach it and her hand is fine.

So you are not the only mother who has had shopping cart/children issues. Glad Ava was not hurt and Andrew was there.

One of the milestones of motherhood is when you can leave the children home while shopping!

AMiller said...

We often have shopping cart incidents. They are usually close calls, but very scary. Glad Ava has a good brother.

Tiar Hatley said...

My neice climbed out of the seat belt when her mom's back was turned and she did a face plant on the floor of target. She had to go to the ER but she was fine. I know I have had my share of scary cart experiences as well. Good luck to all of us mothers who are trying to keep are children from hurting themselves and each other despite themselves!

Missy said...

I know how that is. When William was 4 I had him sitting in the back of a shopping cart. He stood up and I told him to sit down. Right then he tumbled out and hit his head on the ground. We had to go to the ER and he had a CATSCAN and had 2 staples put in his head. Man did I feel like a horrible mother. 3 years later he still talks about it and reminds me of my amazing mothering skills =)

Laura said...

I'm sensing a new reality show. How in the world did she fall through the leghole?