Thursday, July 30, 2009

Santa's got it easy

Yes, he does.

We reached a new parental milestone at our house that has me believing that Santa takes the easy way out. I mean really, all he has to do is drop down the chimney and leave some presents in the living room. How hard is that?

Then there's the Easter Bunny. His job is a little tougher. He actually has to enter the childrens' rooms and leave the basket at the foot of their bed. This requires a little more skill than Santa.

My new hero however, is the Tooth Fairy. Now this is a childhood figure to be revered by the Lot of them. Come on--she has to sneak in their room, take the tooth out from under the child's pillow, and replace it with some shiny coins--all without waking the sleeping child. (or at least that is what's suppose to happen.)

Colonel Mustard and I had our first acquaintance with the Tooth Fairy a couple of weeks ago. He went in first to "extract" the tooth from under the pillow. In the process he awoke the child, made some lame excuse for why he was in his room in the first place, and got farted at. No joke. Andrew rolled over and farted at him--which sent us both into the hall attempting to stifle our hysterical laughing for the next 10 minutes. Colonel Mustard managed to get the tooth, but he gave up and sent me back in to attempt putting the money under Andrew's head.

I'm proud to say the mission was a success, (after 30 minutes) but far more nerve-wracking than any feat of Santa or the Easter Bunny! Props to the Tooth Fairy- I never knew how hard her job was. She even has to obsess about how much money to put under the pillow so as not to "spoil the child" or be construed as "cheap."

So here's a look at Andrew's new smile!
Well, almost. He lost the other bottom tooth the next day and the Tooth Fairy was at it again. I'm happy to report the second attempt went a little bit smoother!


AMiller said...

Just tell the kid! We tried that this last time and tried to just hand the kid a buck - he didn't want the cash, but wanted us to surprise him in some way.

Tiar Hatley said...

I now know why we had a tooth jar growing up. The exchange happened in a little baby food jar. Everytime a tooth is lost I tell myself I need to make one also. Then I forget until the next tooth.

Darin and Jena Bailey said...

Well our tooth fairy just flat out forgets and it usually takes a couple of days to get the money so our kids just know she is getting old and alittle forgetful.