Monday, August 31, 2009

6 year old Thank You

Want to know what happens when you give a six year old some cards and tell him to write thank you notes for his Birthday presents?

Charming, isn't he? Grandma and Grandpa-- you'll be receiving this in the mail. Hope you enjoy!

(translation for anyone who can't read "Thank you for the card and the $20 bill. My mom and dad won't let me spend it because they're punks. Love Andrew"-- OK, so I had to correct his spelling a little-- I'll cut him some slack-- he's six!)


AMiller said...

Wow - your six-year-old called you punks. That is pretty funny. And dude, let the poor kids spend the money!

Jaime said...

that's hilarious! and I've been meaning to thank you b/c your truffles were amazing!!!! tahnks