Sunday, August 16, 2009

Allergy Update

Well, this is a boring, informational post, for any of you who wanted to know how having a girl has made our life more difficult and severely drained our pocketbook. (most recently at "Whole Paycheck" aka "Whole Foods.")
Just kiddin'! That sounded so mean--didn't it. We adore Ava, but she has not been the healthy horse our boys have been (I say that as Andrew is coughing in his bed!)

To the point--- The first round of Allergy testing on Ava came back Friday- they tested the major allergens and a grain panel. I just got the results over the phone so my insight is limited, and further tests are likely pending when the doctor is back in the office and contacts us.

We were expecting to find milk- obviously, and possibly eggs. Needless to say we were a little shell shocked.

She tested positive for:

Talk about a frustrating trip to Whole foods! Rice and Soy--Yummy! Soy ice cream- not bad, not bad at all. Soy yogurt?? I throw up a little in my mouth every time I think about trying it again.

I could complain and whine about reading 5 million labels only to find that almost everything has one of these ingredients in it, but I refuse to be negative about this. I'm positive the list of allergens will grow as we know other things bother her, so I must look on the bright side.

Her most favorite snack, and my most favorite snack DO NOT contain any of these ingredients! Hallelujah! And she will outgrow this--because I'm certain I may go Mad if she doesn't, and God doesn't want my kids to have a mother that is any more loco than she already is!

Good thing her feet are still safe to eat!


Jaime said...

so sorry to hear, that's a drastic change in lifestyle, not to mention the paycheck! but good news they found some answers and you can now help her out, good luck. at least she's adorable right?!

AMiller said...

Oh man, that is so hard. Good luck with finding foods. At least places like Whole Foods exist - how did people with allergies live before?

The Bertagnoles said...

WOW! i thought my friends kids being allergic to peanuts was bad! Thats hard when it affects YOU right now, too! I love soy, though. Drink soy milk all the time. I went completely dairy free for a few months with Kaiden after he was born and expect to do it again with this one. It was tough, but I learned to love more things.... youre right about it being VERY expensive!!! :( So sorry! Hopefully she will grow out of it. My friends first child did!! :)

Darin and Jena Bailey said...

Melodys little boy had some major food allergies like that. After changing his diet he looks great and is eating well now (just limited) Good luck with everything!