Thursday, June 2, 2011


With the office closed and school out for the weekend, we took the opportunity to head up to Asheville for a couple of days. We had planned to hike from the base to the top of Mt. Mitchell, but with poor directions and a shoddy navigator (hhmmm, hhmmm-- me), we ended up driving to the summit instead.

Since we were already up there, we decided to take a hike out toward Deep Gap- a trail that basically traverses up and down the different peaks of the mountain range. It was a fun hike and really neat on the way back as we became enveloped in cloud cover. 

We finally had the chance to see the Biltmore (thanks to a stellar deal I got!). I have wanted to go ever since we lived in North Carolina, but just couldn't bring myself to shell out that kind of money. I would highly recommend it.....with a few caveats. Do not pay regular price. Do not eat there. Do not take your kids. Do not go when it's 95 degrees out. Do not go if you are an alcoholic. ( free wine= bad new bears, or just plain boring if you're Mormon!) Okay, that was more than a few, but take my advice--you'll thank me later.

And to make a long story short- we did some more hiking, eating (lots of that), walking through downtown, swimming, and enjoying the city's water fountain. 

 Next on the list- Outer Banks- never been, dying to go. Never can find the time or money for a trip that long! 

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