Sunday, June 19, 2011

Finland and Father's Day

I'm a little behind this week, so you get the condensed version today. And since it's Fathers Day, I would be remiss if I didn't say a word or two about my kids' awesome Dad.

My kids have an awesome Dad! That pretty much sums it up. I could take two hours of your time to tell you all the reasons why, but I'll just say how grateful I am to have him and how much his kids adore him! And his kids are so cute I'd almost make him a father again--just kidding honey!

And before Father's Day, we did Finland for dinner. Reindeer was on the agenda--until we found out it's illegal to try and obtain reindeer meat in the U.S. Sooooo....we decided to go with something a little less controversial.

We had Leek, Carrot, and Pork Pie. It was very much like a pot pie, only better!

Fresh mushroom salad.

Potatoes the Finnish way (basically boiled and then fried with bread crumbs)

Finnish Pullah (Awesome sweet bread- and it makes a great baked french toast the next day!)

And for dessert we had Fruit Snow- very interesting texture like a jello sherbet.

And all the cooking proved a little overwhelming for Ava.

Next week.....Hungary!

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