Monday, June 27, 2011


So the #1 question asked this week was, "Mom, is it Hungry or Hungary?" I guess they were hungry for Hungary, cause the second most popular question was, "Are we having Hungary tonight?"

Much to their delight, Mom got to the Hungarian food on Friday night. It was a short and sweet menu this week. We had:

Hungarian Goulash. A little on the bland side, but the kids were fans!

Cool cucumber salad--very good--and we will have to make it again with all our cucumbers lately.

And for dessert, I had to forgo the Dobos Torte I was going to make because I just couldn't do without  Hungarian Apple Strudel!  Mmmmmmmmmm......

Andrew lovin' him some cucumber salad.
Next week we will be enjoying some good old American food as we celebrate the 4th.

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