Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Boys Who Eat

Do you have one of those kids who doesn't eat anything? They are skinny, scrawny, pick at a half of a peanut butter sandwich and declare they aren't hungry anymore?? There are a lot of these kids. I often see them and wonder how they don't just blow away, and what on earth is wrong with my kids?

Actually, I don't wonder what is wrong with my kids-- they have two parents who taught them the art of eating, and an endless imagination that must be fueled with mass amounts of food.

So... we're at Costco tonight, (big surprise) and when at Costco, one feels obligated to super size their appetite in light of all the bulk packaging. Which is exactly what we do... cause we're not the scrawny, skinny, picky eating type. And super size we did with Ice Cream AND Churros. Then I sat back for a minute and and snapped a few shots of what my boys do at Costco.

Oh yeah, this is good stuff, gotta focus here. Ice cream in one hand, churro in the other.

"Dude! It's gone already?"

And people ask me why I eat so fast. Well, I'll tell you like I tell them...because I had brothers like these....8 of them!

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AMiller said...

Oh, I would love me some kids who just ate like that. I find half eaten bowls of ice cream and halves of cookies laying around the kitchen all the time. Who can't finish their ice cream? Not me! And don't even get me started on dinner (you know, "real" food). The day I don't have to force my kids to eat will be a great day.