Saturday, June 11, 2011

South Africa

This week the kids picked South Africa. I was very excited to try African cuisine...but then my excitement was shattered as I realized we may have to travel to Africa for some of the dishes (Biltong and Boerwors) we wanted to try! Oh well, I pouted and then got to work on some other dishes.

My favorite thing about "Eating around the World" is that we always find at least one dish from every country that we really liked and would eat again. South Africa was no exception.

The Menu:

We had Frikkadels, a cross between meatballs and meatloaf. (I can't vouch for these, cause I didn't try them--ground meat is the one thing I cannot eat without an immediate gag reflex.) The kids all really liked them though. Andrew, the porker, ate seven of them!

Cucumber and zucchini salad--very simple and quite tasty.

Mealie Bread--if you can get past the name reminding you of meal worms, is a different take on corn (mealie) bread. Yummy!

And for dessert, I debated between the traditional Melk Tert (milk Tart), and Koeksisters. I decided on Koeksisters, which are kind of a cross between a donut and a funnel cake dipped in a cinnamon sugar syrup. They are very popular in South Africa and are sold just about everywhere they sell food. They were AWESOME and we will definitely be eating them again!

Next week?.........................Finland!  Look out Rudolph--I hear they eat a lot of reindeer!

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