Thursday, December 1, 2011

A little story from my Garden

I know it seems a little off to show produce from my garden in December, but I have to start the story from the beginning.

These are just a couple of samples from my garden this summer. Not that strange. I have had several "twin" vegetables in my garden before, but this year was a little different. This year I had a LOT of twin vegetables in my garden--noteworthy enough that I snapped a couple of pictures because I thought it was so funny that it kept happening (too much fertilizer?!?)

Little did I know in July, when I took these pictures that less than two months later, my garden anomaly would become a very poignant memory to me.

Colonel Mustard and I have made it quite loud and clear that Ava was our last child. After that awful pregnancy, I was certainly done and Colonel Mustard could not wrap his mind around any more kids given the never ending doctor and hospital bills she has brought to our plate. I prayed for a year and a half to make sure we were making the right decision, and when I didn't receive an answer, I assumed that meant we were done. Not 100% sure, but confident enough that Colonel Mustard and I decided to make a trip to Goodwill with all our baby stuff-- yep everything--except Ava's baby clothes (it hadn't been long enough and I was overly emotional giving away the boys' stuff).

The day before my baby's (Ava) 3rd Birthday, I had a very rough day. I went to church feeling not well and my heart seemed to be pounding out of my chest. On top of that, I had several "I'm going to throw up" moments the few days before--and to top it off, I knew some one expected-- had not arrived yet. That evening I stopped the denial and headed out to get the test to convince myself of what I already knew. I wish I could say I was happy, but few things are more terrifying to me than a positive pregnancy test.

I became the sickest I've ever been it the following 3 weeks--and an ER doctor insisted that medication wasn't enough, my HCG levels were "sky high" and I needed to be seen by my doctor right away. At 7 weeks I saw my doctor and informed him that this child must not be human because I was pretty sure I couldn't get sicker than I was with Ava--and yet I was. Less than two minutes later he confirmed what has always been one of my worst fears--I was not carrying a human--I was carrying two. It was a very surreal moment lying on the table shaking and crying-- I shall never forget the instant when he deleted "single" and typed in "twin A."

Long story short-- a lot of medication, a lot of weight loss (and huge gains), a lot of crying, a couple of Moms to pick up the pieces when I couldn't hardly get myself to the shower-- here we are, still sick 99% of the time (but thankfully functioning as long as I'm drugged), 21 weeks in and 5 ultrasounds later--we are expecting twin girls!-- Very hard for me to say out loud!

And I guess I should thank my Heavenly Father for these two little miracles (although I must admit for the last 5 months it seems like the worst practical joke ever). I'm certain in 5 years time I will never be able to imagine my life any different--and I will always laugh at the twin vegetables in my garden and remember a time when they were simply, a funny coincidence.


Bobbi said...

Congrats! I guess He knew that he needed to send them in multiples to get them all to you ;) What a great story!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I figured you were pregnant, but twins! Wow!! I don't know what to say. You are an amazing mother and now two more spirits will get you to raise them.

Laura said...

Definitely too much fertilizer.

Missy said...

Your Mom told me awhile ago so I kept waiting for you to say something on your blog. Congrats!!! Twins are so fun. I love having them and would have another set if Heavenly Fathers wills it. Sorry you are so sick. That takes alot of the joy out of it. Just think you are almost there. Good luck.

Hulse Family said...

Wow. That is so crazy. I am sorry you have been so sick. Congrats and may I just say I am glad it is you and not me. The twin part I mean, not that they are girls! I can just picture the look on Byron's face. haha