Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

As usual, it is impossible to get a good picture of these three together--I must have taken 50 and this is the best it got!

...and now they are nestled all snug in their beds...squawking and talking like three bobble heads!

We tried to threaten that Santa would bring coal if they didn't behave better. Ethan said, "That's okay. If he brings me coal I'll paint a face and some polka dots on it and have a pet rock to be my friend!"

Can't argue with that.

My Christmas letter this year will be short. Our fridge went out a few hours ago, and as usual, I feel like throwing up, so I'm saving what energy I have left for Santa!

We have had a good year-- we're all still here and mostly healthy, so what can really be bad? It's hard to believe this will be our last Christmas as a family of five-- I figured we'd be spending many, many Christmases as a family of five. It's also hard to believe that next year, the girls will outnumber the boys. I always believed our family would have more boys and I will admit, I'm a little sad it won't-- I really love me some boys!

I'd like to say I'm excited for 2012, but we have many different challenges ahead this next year, and sometimes the thought becomes a little too daunting, so I'll hang onto 2011 for the last few days I can.

In the last few weeks, I've thought a lot about Mary. I often feel overwhelmed at the task I've been given. I feel very weak in spirit from the constant sickness and discomfort and sometimes wonder how I'll survive to the end of this pregnancy. I have been comforted when I think of Mary and the burden, much greater than mine, she must have carried. Can you imagine, knowing for nine months that the child you carried would be the Savior of the World? What an amazing woman she must have been.

We hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and can feel of the spirit of that precious baby born so many years ago.

The Peacocks

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