Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Name Game

The worst part about having a new baby boy?-- finding a name everyone can agree on and a nice middle name to match.

The worst part about having a baby girl?-- finding a name, any name... that Colonel Mustard can agree on (forget if anyone else likes it or not).

So you can imagine the dilemma at our house of coming up with TWO girl names and TWO middle names to go with them.

We've really tried to solve this problem--unfortunately nothing thus far has stuck.

The kids and I made a list of about 25 names that at least two of us liked. We gave the list to Colonel Mustard and instructed him to circle any names he would Remotely consider--------he crossed off every name on the list.

Then we talked about keeping to our "southern roots" and naming them Bobbie Jo and Billie Jean.

The kids like Fiona, so we decided on Fiona and Fantasia.

Out of desperation, we came up with Philomena and Wilomena.

These are all nice ideas, but we thought maybe we could be more creative.

Since all our babies have looked the same, Colonel Mustard and I are a bit concerned if we will be able to tell two newborn girls apart. I told him to be sure they took a Sharpie and wrote "A" and "B" on their feet when they came out until we could find a better way to identify them--- but then again, why bother. We can just put "Baby A" and "Baby B" on their birth certificates and be done with it.

Tonight, Colonel Mustard suggested that we get a big box of crayons and each randomly reach in and pull out a crayon. Okay, baby A will be "Magenta", and oh look...baby B gets to be "Light Blue"!

Colonel Mustard's favorite idea however, comes from Ebay where a couple sold the right to name their baby girl for $15,000. Never mind they had to name her "Virgin Mary"-- they got a hefty sum for doing so! Imagine what we could get for the rights to name our twins! (tempting)

So if anyone has any suggestions--we're open to them. Remember however, not to be offended. Colonel Mustard will probably hate your idea too--unless you're paying him to use it!


Jazz and Rod said...
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Jazz and Rod said...

I had a typo in my previous comment and had to delete it! Embarrassing!! You know I love suggesting baby names so I will email you a list that Byron I'm sure will promptly shred after he sees it! :~)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE girl names! Boy names are torture for us. My girls are Catherine and Claire - you could use those. I also love Violet, Victoria, Cosette, Lucy, Norah, Jane, Ivy, Jade, or Emiline. You could do boy names as girl names like Cameron, Taylor, Reagan, Kennedy, Jordyn, etc. I could keep going.
BTW - the Christmas card was so cute and creative.

Missy said...

We can never agree on names either. But when we had our twins we painted their toe nails different colors before we cut off the hospital band. If we ever were in doubt we checked their toes.

Donna said...

Maya, Jada, Avery, Ariana, Ella, Jayla, Alexa or Ella and Anna or Lily and Grace.

Donna said...

Evie and Claire

I better stop.

yanalyn said...

Names are hard!!! With our twins we had little bracelets, we did nail polish also they had different binkis so you have options :) Also one piece of advice make sure to print and label pictures soon after taking! :) There are some where I thought I would def remember but looking back I really have to study them :)