Saturday, December 10, 2011

Whine Session

You ever have one of those days when you just feel picked on and nothing is going to help you feel better but to whine? Yeah, I have a lot of those days. Today--is one of those days.
I feel like total crap--again nothing new for me, but I judge the quality of the day on how long I can go before giving in to the meds. Today, I made it out of bed and straight to the pill bottle--a pretty good sign that today is going to suck.
Now it's Saturday and normally I would just say junk it, but I had plans today. Colonel Mustard had to work today and I NEED to bake today. I keep putting it off because it's just no fun right now, but next week is the last week of school before Christmas. Yes, I know what you're thinking-" go to the store already and buy some cookies--no one will think any less of you at this point." That would be great and all, but Ava has a school party next week. They are making Christmas cookies AND Gingerbread houses. (thanks to whomever thought we really had to do both). Ava can't eat anything at the store. Even the allergy friendly cookies are off the table for her--so I'm stuck. And I can't find any recipes that don't require major modifications. And I'm not creative AT ALL today.

So.... I sat down and cried (cause that's what pregnant ladies do). And then I decided I would whine a little so everyone knew how picked on I felt today. ( Funny-- I don't feel any better after whining) Now I'm going to go find that pill bottle again and put on some big girl panties--cause Ava WILL get to celebrate just like everyone else even if I have to alternate cookie cutting and vomiting!

Here's hoping you have a funner day than me!

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AMiller said...

This is why you are getting two more - you are such a great mom! I wish I could help you - I really do.